What it takes

to get a big forehand and how - you - the parent can help.

Many players can get away with not using one flat forehand during the duration of many matches and still have a high winning percentage – based on tenacity, stamina, out-smarting their opponent or pure power of will. It is the moment when they are matched up against an opponent equally competent, gifted and competitive that they need better weapons to win.

The rub is that a player who does not practice the BIG FOREHAND extensively cannot possibly expect IT to be there in high pressure match situations. In order to own the BIG FOREHAND a player must practice it every day for 1 to 1.5 years.

The primary factor that allows a player to hit a BIG dependable FOREHAND is executing the motion the same way over and over down to the smallest details every time the BIG FOREHAND is attempted. In other words hitting a consistently powerful and accurate forehand comes from hitting the exact same stroke down to the most minute details and having the same footwork every time one attempts it. How does one accomplish that – you guessed it – by hitting the same ball, the same way hundreds of times a day for months and years at an end.

If setting and enforcing the BIG FOREHAND practice habit may seem a bit tedious – considering the alternative should be an eye-opening exercise for any parent. Whether you are aware of it or not – your child is setting practice habbits every day. If you closely monitor what they do in practice you will notice a direct correlation between the intensity and focus they show during practice and the intensity or lack of, they project during a match. It is in this specific area that you – the parent can make a tremendous impact in your child’s game by providing the environment, the reps, the feeds, the vision and patience necessary to build their BIG FOREHAND.

The techniques I am proposing are highly complex, take a long time and a tremendous amount of work to master. The reason you – the parent are such an important piece of the BIG FOREHAND FORMULA is because your child could never build a BIG FOREHAND by themselves – they desperately need your help.

That being said, read on to find out about one of the most effective ways to build the big forehand.