The Game Plan

and the difficult task of charting the road to your child's tennis development.

Any judicious parent would recognize that when it comes to charting the game plan of their own tennis development, kids do not have the perspective, discipline or vision to spearhead a training plan that would give them any chance at a professional or college tennis career. Kids merely enjoy playing games with and against their peers. As they get older and practice becomes more challenging, juniors either strive or flounder – if not part of the right environment. It is at this point that your role as a parent becomes crucially important.

One of the many responsibilities you have as a tennis parent is to instill the spirit of self sacrifice, perseverance and pride in your child’s tennis pursuit. Fullfilling the vision that you hold for your child’s tennis goes hand in hand with the steady, lengthy process of building their character. Being a parent places you in a unique position to impress on your child from an early age the merits of achieving tennis mastery. As the pursuit of a high performace junior tennis career, will teach your child the skills and invaluable lessons of what it takes to be successful at whatever they choose to do later in their adult life.

Consequently when you set the expectation for your child to become a consummate tennis player, you need to lead by example and commit to giving them the necessary tools to succeed. The design and execution of a viable game plan to give your child a realistic chance at fulfilling their tennis potential is fully in your hands.

As one may imagine, there are a lot of ways to help a child get better through practice and even more ways to hurt their game.

One of the best places to start is by helping your child build a BIG FOREHAND. Read more on why building a big forehand is crucially important in your child’s tennis development.