Target Audience

Who the BIG FOREHAND FORMULA is for, what it addresses and how it should be used

This material is specifically aimed at parents of high performance juniors who are considering taking a hands on approach to their childís tennis training. If you are tired of the limited individual attention your child gets in group lessons and are looking for a cost effective way to supplement their training, if you are overwhelmed by the daunting task of teaching your own child and the emotional pitfalls that undertaking entails, then this guide is for you.

The Big Forehand Formula is aimed at empowering you the parent to help your child become a better tennis player. Whether you are brand new at teaching your little one or a 7-year veteran, this guide will give you the tools and understanding of the pivotal components that must make up the daily preparation of high performance juniors.

When you make it your goal to help your child achieve high performance, it is imperative you understand that time is not on your side. Your childís window of opportunity is closing a little bit every day because they compete against peers who are getting the right kind of training. Unless you can provide your child with preparation that is superior to that of their peers, your own child does not stand a chance.

Whether you realize it or not, you the parent are your childís greatest resource and you are fully responsible for setting the course to their tennis career. The knowledge you use to chart your childís quest of tennis excellence will single handedly determine their success. This guide is for the rare parent who is so passionate about their kidís tennis improvement that they are willing to work hard at becoming a student of the tennis teaching craft.

The problem you are most likely having is that your child does not listen to a word you are saying about their tennis. They seem to have no problem however listening to their pro - just not to you - their parent.

When analyzing the reasons behind this absurd reality, you would be correct to conclude that your lack of coaching experience puts you at a disadvantage when compared to your childís pro. Most importantly, you donít have access to the most valuable motivational weapon that any pro has at their disposal – that is a limited amount of time and an abundance of willing students to take lessons. Any pro worth their salt is booked to the max and has people on the waiting list. When your prodigy chooses to not do their work, a successful pro can tell them flat out that if they donít shape up, they will no longer teach them. Unfortunately you donít have twenty other kids who are looking to take lessons from you – you only have one child to work with. In other words your child basically owns you.

This is why if you are trying to push the same buttons a pro does, you will fail miserably.

Faced with the incredibly daunting challenges that a parent is, you need a firm grasp of the kind of mind control weapons that get behind the thick wall of disdain that your child so unabashedly puts up whenever you try to help their game. You have probably already resigned to the thought that you have not been pushing the right buttons. The question is – do you even know where the right buttons are?

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